The case of the disappearing photos.
It used to happen from time to time - now it's happening a lot more often. After posting my photos in here which I have hosted for years on Fotki dot com, the urls change causing my blog to have many blank placeholders.
This is not meant to be a rant - just letting people know why there are so many missing photos.
Unfortunately, I can't take the time to keep fixing the links.
Enjoy what's left. Thank you.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Canoe canoe? 1/29

My canoe. I so want to get it back out in the water but it needs quite a bit of work. I don't think it's really as bad as it looks though.
The gunwales and end decks are badly rotted. The seats and crossmember (the real name escapes me at the moment but you know what I mean) seem to be solid.It really needs some paint for it to look nice.
It has a floor, I believe it's cork with a fiberglass(?) covering, which has a hole in it. Like the paint, that doesn't affect the safety or seaworthiness of the boat really but I want to fix it anyway.

Here's more canoe pictures:

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