The case of the disappearing photos.
It used to happen from time to time - now it's happening a lot more often. After posting my photos in here which I have hosted for years on Fotki dot com, the urls change causing my blog to have many blank placeholders.
This is not meant to be a rant - just letting people know why there are so many missing photos.
Unfortunately, I can't take the time to keep fixing the links.
Enjoy what's left. Thank you.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Early Morning Shadows in the City

I had to go into Boston last Friday morning, very early in the morning and while staring out the window on the 5th floor I was amused by the long early dawn shadows being cast in a little patch of sun.

There were a lot of interesting photo ops, as I don't get to the city often. I saw a bus back into a taxi cab and the ensuing 'discussions' and picture-taking (MY pictures of it were not that interesting).

None of the photos I took that day quite compared to these shadow pics. I am pleased with them. Not bad for a pocket size point & shoot.

Taken with a FujiFilm FinePix A820 - my "ghost-hunting camera"!