Monday, February 14, 2011

Icy Shore

Can't wait till I can post nice warm-themed photos. Anyway, I guess I could be a little more creative and shoot something besides the outdoor scenery - pretty as it is, it is getting old. All my interests have kind of taken a backseat from feeling sorry for myself these days. But lately I can see the weather improving and I feel the worst of this winter is behind us. I hope I'm right.
Recently, my interest in paranormal investigating ("ghost hunting") returned with a vengeance. I can't say I didn't know it had faded, but I didn't realize just how much until it returned. There's just so much on my mind these days...
I definitely need a vacation very soon. lately it seems a lot of people I know are off to Florida...either there now or going soon. I wonder if I can stow away. lol.

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