Thursday, February 4, 2010


The area where I sometimes see lots of hawks and other birds of prey was active today, but the hawks seemed very skittish. I would pull over a distance away from where they were perched in a tree near the road, but before I even reached for my camera they would "move on". This one was taken from further away than I had been trying and through my truck window, so it's not the best but at least he/she let me get a photo.


Monday, February 1, 2010


Now it starts to get tricky. First of all, for some reason, Blogger isn't putting a date on my posts even though I have the settings set to do so. Until now, I could look at the calendar to see what day I'm at but not anymore. January 31 was day 31, but February 1, is day 32. See what I'm saying. It'll help that I set up a template for me to put "Day*xx" in each post but I wish I could also have the date showing because I'm not always so vigilant as to post every single day, often playing catch-up instead. Anyway, thought I'd put in some text for a change along with the daily photo.