Thursday, February 4, 2010


The area where I sometimes see lots of hawks and other birds of prey was active today, but the hawks seemed very skittish. I would pull over a distance away from where they were perched in a tree near the road, but before I even reached for my camera they would "move on". This one was taken from further away than I had been trying and through my truck window, so it's not the best but at least he/she let me get a photo.



Delunalore said...

getting a good close-up is hard sometimes especially when the animals are stand offish.
many times,I run into the same thing you did with this shot; it's their instinct. they know we're reaching something like i know the hawk in this pic has his eye on you.

good pic!

Wayne said...

I'm sure he was watching me. After I drove off another car stopped too close to where he was and when I went by again the bird was gone.