Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where did I go today? 2/21

I went all over the place today...well, mainly all over Plymouth, Carver, and Middleboro.
Plus, it was unplanned but since I was right there I took a ½-hour (more or less) "field trip" to Water St., one of my favorite places.
The sign
The thingie where the rock is
The rock

Friday, February 20, 2009

The little handicapped bird - 2/20

This little guy/gal is still around. Don't know what the story is but he/she is flight impaired. He can fly but not very well. It almost seems like he's partially blind, like I thought before. So maybe he's not sure where he's at until he gets close enough thus flying erratically until he has a visual on his destination. I dunno.

Extras - EOS Rebel G 35mm

Just a couple photos for the sake of showing them and to make up for a couple missed days so far. These are taken at various times with my "new-used" 35mm camera.

My car decorated for winter.

In Bridgewater, MA after a snowstorm.

In Middleboro, Long Point Road by Little Quittacus Pond

A little knick-knack I tend to photograph often for some reason

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A different vantage point of Oliver Mill - 2/19

Sometimes - ok, fairly often - I don't see the obvious. From this angle I can see the building. I always knew the seemingly random stone walls were remnants of a building. I just never saw the actual shape before, even though it was right in my face the whole time.
OK in my defense, the area I was in when I took this is a part of the park I rarely go into so maybe that's why I never saw it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Circuit City - 2/18

I was at CC last night - yes it was depressing - but I noticed they have a lot of media on clearance...tapes, DVDs, CDs, as well as batteries, including special camera batteries.
Just wanted to tip people off in case they want to stock up on stuff. Also, music CDs, movies (DVDs). Most of the big stuff is gone. A couple cameras, some printers, some software, Big-ass TVs, mp3 players...
I went to the Plymouth MA store, so your results may vary.
I was mostly pissed off while there, since it's one of my favorite stores going out of business.

P.S. no pic for 2/17 - sorry.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Signs of Spring - 2/16

I tot I taw a puddy willow...and a tit. OK the titmouse isn't a sign of spring but the song he was singing was...and of course the pussy willow buds are...I think.

Jezebellaroni aka Gingerbelle - 2/15

Jezebel actually posed for a treat. I think. She had her heart set on a treat and I told her she wasn't getting one. Then I said let me take a picture and you can have one. Well, she was already sitting there but she stood still when I pointed the camera but was hanging her head down. I said "smile" and she looked up at the camera. lol. So I took the pic and gave her a treat. If it was coincidence this time (and it probably was), next time or times she might remember that she gets a treat if she "smiles" for the camera. She loves her treats and learns fast the ways she can get them.