Monday, October 26, 2009

Little bastards

These little fruit flies are all over the place in the house lately. Don't know where they came from but I hope I can get rid of them soon.
This is cropped and slightly enlarged (resampled) but was taken using my new monopod and the camera set on super macro with flash (yes, with red-eye reduction. lol). He/she is on the coffee maker, which explains why these tiny buggers can move so fast.

Below is the uncropped photo.


Bethany said...

UGH... we had a terrible problem w/ them this year, too. The ONLY trap we found to work was this: Seriously.

Make sure you're not leaving damp rags & towels around, and obviously, no fruit on the counter.

Jay said...

I read online that certain kinds of vinegar can be used as a good trap for fruit flies (I think it was cider vinegar). I put a shallow amount of the liquid from my jar of pepperoncini in a bowl, and it has already drowned a few of the flies (I believe there is some kind of vinegar in that juice). They are apparently attracted to it because it smells like rotting fruit to them. I'm sure there are better methods, but that's something that I found when I did a google search on "how to get rid of fruit flies".