Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day ??? - May 3

I lost count of the days again (123 ~ed). I know before, I was a day off from Bethany's count - not sure why that was but I'm pretty sure mine was correct. I think what happened is she counted the days from the first day and I counted all the days including the first. What do you think, Beth?

Tiny baby Hibiscus leaves on a tree that almost died this winter


Bethany said...

Oh crud, I don't know. Am I off? I will check...


I didn't post a 2/28 photo. I TOOK one; I just didn't post it. So you are correct; my count is off. Beaver-dam it all! :(

Today would be day # 163 (6/19/09).

Wayne said...

Is it really 6/19 already? :) :)