Monday, February 9, 2009

Flying Trees and a Monkey Man - 02092009

Today the backyard was full of flying trees and a "monkey man". That's what I call the guy that hitched a ride on the crane from tree to tree. He'd cut the top half off and the crane would put it down for the crew waiting on the ground, while he waited on the decapitated tree for the crane to come back...then attach himself and "fly" off to another tree or sometimes to take another section.
Well, I had to go to work before they were finished so when I get some more pics in the morning I'll create an album and post a slideshow or something. I got a few video clips too. It's dark out but it looks like they didn't finish...have to see when the u=sun comes up.
It's very sad to see all those trees gone, but it was fascinating to watch.

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