Friday, January 23, 2009

Sage and Cedar ~ January 23, 2000 and 9

At the end of a day, or any time really, when I need to relax, cleanse any negativity from myself or the room I'm in, or just feel like smelling it, I toss some sage and sometimes cedar into the "pot" and fire it up. Sometimes I feel a negativity in my bedroom and can't fall asleep, and burning some sage really helps...I fall asleep soon after making sure the "fire" is out.
I don't lean a feather on the side of the bowl. lol. That's just for the the picture. I do fan it with the feather but have you ever tried fanning a sage pot and taking a picture of it at the same time?
I grow my own sage and I gather the cedar from broken branches I find alongside the Cape Cod Canal.

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