Sunday, February 21, 2010

The graffiti on the rock

This one shows the graffiti on the rock a little clearer, although some is covered by the snow, as well as more detail, rather than a silhouette.

A few years after this, (11/2015 I believe), Jason and I were invited by our chief and other chiefs (chieves?) in the area as well as other people from our tribe. The graffiti had been cleaned off by state workers and we followed up with a cleansing of the land. 

A few years after that, Profile Rock crumbled. :(

Day*52 ~ Picture from 2/20

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Delunalore said...

It truly does and I can see where the graffiti is showing from underneath the melting snow.

"Graffitti man had something to say"

(it's a poem by John Trudell)

Good pic!