Saturday, March 14, 2009

A little less freaky? Saturday the 14th

Hmm? How's that? Unusual? I've been told my pics usually look freaky, evil, etc., so this one should be considered rare. Part of a re-shoot for a MA-RIPT team photo shoot a week earlier, the photographer had to be photographed. My friend Debbie took this.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday The 13th - Part 2

(There WAS another Friday The 13th pic here but I didn't realize I was hotlinking it - thought I had uploaded it to Blogger - so I had to remove it. Oops.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fire - 3/12ish

Looks like we need a new outdoor fireplace. Who'd a thunk they would wear out?
Struggling to keep up to date lately. Been busy, not feeling well, and therefore have had a lack of the dates of the pictures are approximate these days.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We Like The Moon... March the 11th

We like the moon
Coz it is close to us
We like the moooon!
But not as much as a spoon
Cuz that's more use for eating soup
And a fork isn't very useful for that
Unless it has got many vegetables
And then you might be better off with a
Unlike the moon
It is up in the sky
It's up there very high
But not as high
As maybe
Digibles or zeppelins
Or lightbulbs
And maybe clouds
And puffins also i think maybe
They go quite high too
Maybe not as high as the moon
Coz the moon is very high
We like the moon
The moon is very useful everyone
Everybody like the moon
Because it light up the sky at night
And it lovely
And it makes the tide go and we like it
But not as much as cheese
We really like cheese
We like zeppelins
We really like them
And we like kelp and we like moose
And we like deer and we like marmots
And we like all the fluffy animals
We really like the moon
~Quiznos Rats

Monday, March 9, 2009

Later...that same day...

As heavy as it snowed, it left only a dusting (which froze and caused slippery conditions) and was pretty much gone by the next day.

Sign of Spring? 3/9 I guess

3/9ish anyway...I remember the same day I took this I also took pics of that lovely white shit falling from the sky - the good news is the white shit didn't stick around. But doesn't this rockin' robin look pissed he knew what was coming?
To be continued...

Ooooo...dat's purty. 3/8ish/2009

It's pennies in the water at Oliver Mill Park, with clouds and a tree branch reflecting in the water. There I ruined your fun with trying to figure it out. Sorry.