Wednesday, March 18, 2009

mahhhch 18...getting caught up.

What I like best about these pictures is that they actually were taken on 3/18, not just thereabouts as many have been lately.

water supply - assawompsett pond, lakeville, ma
In Irfanview, when you save a photo in grayscale (by ticking the checkbox to do so as you're saving), it says "Don't Forget!". If you forget, every photo you save after that will be saved in grayscale until you remember again to uncheck the box.

swamp across from assawompsett (i'll find the name) at tamarack park, lakeville, ma
Well, I'm pretty sure I remembered (eventually), and I know I intentionally saved some in grayscale. But I think out of these three, only the one below was intentional. I'm very happy with how the above two came out though.

these vines would even confuse george of the jungle

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